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6 | LEXPERT • June 2018 | www.lexpert.ca/usguide "rubber match" to decide the matter forever, which did not happen. Just like in M&A: once the deal is completed, a rematch is nearly impossible. Although not quite synonymous, the terms AI and cognitive computing are oen used interchangeably. By either term, we consider the following, wrote Julie Sobowale in an ABA Journal article on AI: "Modeled aer human learning, smart machines process massive data, identifying patterns. ese patterns are used to 'create' entirely new patterns, allowing machines to test hypotheses and find solutions unknown to the origi- nal programmers." Voluminous due diligence was not always so influential in dealmaking. In a strategy+business magazine article, Gerald Adolph, Simon Gillies and Joerg Krings The promise of Artificial Intelligence in M&A — performing extensive and reliable due diligence searches rapidly — will change corporate law in ways we can't yet predict By Jean Cumming ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN M&A Business Issues Garry Kasparov wrote, "Playing chess, I learned the dramatic effect combining humans and machines. Humans have intuition, can recognise patterns and positions, and machines have brute-force of calculation and memory. By bringing these capabilities together in other walks of life, we can achieve incredible results." One of these results is Artificial Intelli- gence (AI) in M&A due diligence. In his "Waking Up" podcast, philoso- pher and neuroscientist Sam Harris reminded Kasparov, "You will go down in history as the first person to be beaten by a machine in an intellectual pursuit where you were the most advanced member of our species." Kasparov actually beat IBM's Deep Blue in 1996, though he lost to it a year later. Kasparov wanted a so-called

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