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Dec/Jan 2017

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34 Canadian Occupational Safety TOOLS OF THE TRADE ERGONOMICS EVACUATION CHAIR The Rescue 7 Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chair is designed to enable the safe and comfortable evacu- ation of mobility impaired people in the event of an emergency, such as fi re. The chair is designed for ease-of- use on stairways, fi re escapes and fl at surfaces. Suitable for single person operation, it is lightweight (30 pounds) yet incredibly strong, allow- ing the transportation of a person up to 350 pounds. The tracks create friction, which acts as a break to slow the descent and allows for smooth, controlled operation. The chair can also be used as a temporary wheelchair once on fl at ground. With a supportive fl at seat, armrests and padded headrest, the chair is comfortable for extended periods. The chair folds fl at and can be stored on a wall with supplied hooks, cover and wall sign. Other features include four wheels for optimum manoeuvrability, foot brake and quick release three-point safety harness. HONEYCOMB KNEE PAD Swenco of Waterloo, Ont., and Redbacks Cush- ioning of the United Kingdom have co-branded Redbacks knee pads with Swenco's Steel-Flex label in North America. Redbacks builds the knee pads on a fl exible, honeycombed structure instead of foam. The technology was created after fi ve years of research and scientifi c testing. The honeycomb holds a "leaf-spring" membrane that Redbacks developed to dissipate pressure, add comfort and reduce the risk of long-term harm to the knee joint. Knees are prone to injury from sudden strains as well as stress over time. Hospitals perform almost 800,000 knee- replacement procedures per year in North America, says Swenco. Waterproof, machine-washable and built for comfort, Redbacks knee pads come in two formats: one that straps over the knee and one that slips into knee pockets of specially designed workwear. WORKPOSE APP The WorkPose app by Ergonomic Connection and Ergolution is designed to help people get rid of pain at work. This app guides the user step-by-step through the process to adjust the position of a desk and computer to help eliminate back, arm, shoulder and hand pain. This personalized, self- guided program promotes fi tness, health, posture, work breaks and movement at a desk. After answering a series of ques- tions, users receive custom recommendations and product suggestions that will minimize discomfort. In the Solutions to Body Discomfort section, users just press on the body part where they are experi- encing pain and detailed recommendations appear. Users can also have a bit of fun and put a picture of themselves on the model used in the app. Premium purchased features are available, including 60-second stretching and exercise videos and a custom remote ergonomic assessment. HEARING DECIBULLZ Custom moulded to stay securely in place for long-lasting com- fort, Decibullz Custom Moulded Earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 31 dB. Using hot water, the Decibullz unique thermoplastic moulds are easily and quickly moulded to the exact shape of each person's ears for a perfect-fi tting reusable earplug. This results in a cus- tomized earplug that won't hurt or fall out, providing superior noise isolation and hearing protection while on the job, says the manufacturer. They're also easy to clean with just lukewarm water and soap or an alcohol wipe. Decibullz earplugs include two Decibullz thermoplastic custom moulds in a choice of colours, three sets of triple fl ange tips in small, medium or large, one set of Max Protect Foam Tips and a carrying pouch. GRIP DB BLOCKER Custom Protect Ear has introduced its newly designed Grip dB Blocker for person- alized hearing protection. This innovative design targets industries where dirt, grime and larger hands may be an issue. Formed in a single piece of dB Blocker silicone with a non-slip integrated handle, this new design allows for hassle-free ease of insertion and removal of the ear protector. The Grip re-design supports radio connectivity, eliminating the need to remove ear protection to hear incom- ing radio communication. Along with improved insertion, the radio connectivity allows the user to remain protected from noise while working. The lanyard cord can be detached when working around machinery and easily reconnected again using the cone connectors. Custom Protect Ear crafts every earpiece based on a personal ear mould. Individual moulds are made to fi t each unique ear. To ensure easy recognition, each earpiece is labelled with an 'R' for right ear or 'L' for left ear. QEOS Qeos Custom Ear plugs from Cotral Lab are custom fi tted for each worker, offering comfort while allowing work- ers to communicate without having to remove the earplugs. The Qeos devices come with seven differ- ent fi lters providing real attenuation from 8 to 33 decibels. The devices can be used by workers even if they change jobs or are positioned at work sta- tions with varying noise levels, due to the fl exibility of exchangeable fi lters. The steps in the manufac- turing process for these earplugs include taking the mould of both outer ears, manufacturing the moulds through 3D printing and implementing the proper fi lter for each worker. This comprehensive process ensures that each custom earplug fi ts per- fectly, with 100-micron precision (the width of a strand of hair). They are so comfortable that they can be worn all day, says Cotral Lab. Qeos Custom Earplugs are backed by a six-year warranty that covers material, comfort and attenuation. Devices also include cleaning kits to ensure both cleanli- ness and effectiveness of the earplugs. OHS PRODUCTS COOLWORKS The Coolworks Mining Safety Pant responds to the new requirements set out by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, regulation 854, section 262 and 263, which came intef- fective July 1. Workers at mining plants, whether sur- face, underground or on-site service providers, including EMS responders, are required to wear fl uorescent or bright-coloured background work wear with retro-refl ective striping that encircles each leg below the knee, measuring at least 50 mil- limetres in width. The Coolworks Mining Safety Pant is made of a bright orange, durable, comfortable, easy care, colour-fast, poly-cotton fabric that is ideal for mining and other heavy duty work environments. A wide range of sizes is available from 28-inch to 48-inch waist and up to 36-inch inseam. The pant has double reinforced, bar-tacked stitching through- out and 2-inch wide belt loops to provide greater durability and utility. It also boasts deep front, back and side cargo pockets and 4-inch combined retro- refl ective striping located below the knee. FLANGE SEAL Intego Industrial Safety has created the next level of safety for bolted fl anges. The Intego Flange Seal is a simple, inexpen- sive and effective way to prevent bolted fl anges from being taken apart. The seal cups physically cover the nuts on a fl ange stud to stop access and removal. Only a qualifi ed operator can remove the Intego Flange Seal before the fl ange can be taken apart. The patent-pending design is easily adaptable to any fl ange and can be used for commissioning, shutdowns and regular work. A fl ange can now be locked-out just like an electrical breaker. Intego also makes the Intego Flange Lock for high frequency jobs. Canadian-made, the Intego Flange Seal is the fi rst and most effective way to create a physical barrier that prevents fl ange mistakes, says the manufacturer. COVERGALLS After numerous trips into underground mines in Sud- bury, Ont., and many awkward trips to the porta potty, one woman was fed up with wear- ing cumbersome, ill-fitting garments designed for a man's body type. This prompted her to invent Covergalls — cov- eralls specifically designed for women. Covergalls have a two-way main zipper and a rear opening to improve the toilet use experience. Items are discretely secured in pockets with Velcro on both the front and back of the garment. Snaps at the wrist ensure the material does not hang from women's arms and an adjustable Velcro waist adds security and comfort. Covergalls are available in sizes XS to XXXL, all tailored for women. They are made from polyester/cotton twill, FR or (optional) 100 per cent cotton material. Covergalls are manufactured in Canada and ideal for women in many industries.

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