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Octobre 2019

La Cible, magazine officiel de l’IQPF, est destinée aux planificateurs financiers et leur permet d’obtenir des unités de formation continue (UFC). Chaque numéro aborde une étude de cas touchant les différents domaines de la planification financière.

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27 FEATURE ARTICLE Conclusion In all these scenarios, the labour-sponsored fund offers a benefit in the very first year, but that benefit is bigger when there is sufficent RRSP contribution room to invest the full amount of the tax return in the RRSP. The TCLSF compensates for the lower return, but not forever. To be sure to take full advantage of the credit, it is recommended that contributors withdraw the money from the fund as soon as possible, generally in retirement. Unlike in most provinces, where the funds can be withdrawn after eight years without losing the credit, Québec only allows the funds to be withdrawn in specific situations, such as on retirement. There are other circumstances where the funds can be redeemed without losing the tax credit, but the taxpayer must liquidate all other investments first, including RRSPs. For example, a job loss, an involuntary reduction of usual working hours, leave due to a temporary disability, separation or divorce, reduction of net income for six months for a self-employed worker and, finally, to cover unexpected medical costs not covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec. Investing in a labour-sponsored fund encourages the local economy. The credit was supposed to have been cancelled in 2017, but luckily the federal Minister of Finance reinstated it at 15% in 2016. Without that credit, it would be harder to encourage taxpayers to invest and participate in the economic development of their province. Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C Without LSVCC With LSVCC Without LSVCC With LSVCC Without LSVCC With LSVCC RRSP contribution $1,666.67 $3,333.33 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $– $– Refund ($666.67) ($2,333.33) ($400.00) ($700.00) $– $– Net cost Non-RRSP $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $600.00 $300.00 $– $– LSVCC savings $– $– $– $– $– $1,000.00 Traditional savings $– $– $400.00 $700.00 $1,000.00 $300.00 Régime de rentes du Québec Unités de formation : 3 UFC Comptes de retraite immobilisés et fonds de revenu viager Unités de formation : 2 UFC Régime volontaire d'épargne-retraite Unités de formation : 2 UFC Régimes de retraite du secteur public (RREGOP et RRPE) Unités de formation : 3 UFC Pour vous inscrire ou pour connaître le programme et le coût de chaque formation, consultez notre site Web. Quatre formations accréditées offertes par Retraite Québec!

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