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5 management level is also critical, said Knowler. While the police force he worked for had an excellent employee assistance pro- gram (EAP) and other resources in place, his supervisor didn't care and responded to Knowler's incident by saying, "Oh, you're tough. You go home, have a few belts and go to bed," he said. "A corporation could have the best groundwork, best pro- gramming in place, but if the people in a position to imple- ment it don't, then it's just some useless paper," he said. At Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ont., managers and supervisors are very supportive of the company's initiatives around psychological health and safety, said Carey Uyeda, dis- ability services manager. "ey are recognizing the additional cost of having people away from work, so they are the big drivers and are putting money forward to support the mental health initiatives, and we have additional training for the management group and additional programs to get that started," he said. Managers at Fallsview receive training on how to recog- nize employees at risk, look for warning signs and educate employees on the supports available to them. Negative implications If employers do not properly address mental health, there are several negative implications they may face. For example, if an employee has been subject to treatment that is not an ex- pected, fundamental condition of his employment, he may take the position he has been constructively dismissed, said Edwards. "at has happened to a very large number of employees now, particularly those who have suffered not only mistreat- ment but suffered a mental breakdown in the workplace so they have lost their mental health, lost their job and lost future earnings because their life has crumbled all around them," she said. Another issue is workers' compensation entitlements are in- creasing. e bar on when a worker can say he has experienced chronic stress or traumatic mental stress has been lowering, so the entitlement to lost wages has been lowering, said Edwards. Other considerations include board or tribunal awards and negative publicity, she said. Employers need to start seriously considering the holistic health of employees because the world of work is evolving, said Sairanen. WHILE THE POLICE FORCE HAD AN EXCELLENT EAP AND OTHER RESOURCES IN PLACE, STAFF SGT. BRIAN KNOWLER'S SUPERVISOR DIDN'T CARE AND RESPONDED BY SAYING, 'OH, YOU'RE TOUGH.YOU GO HOME, HAVE A FEW BELTS AND GO TO BED.'

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