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Mai 2019

La Cible, magazine officiel de l’IQPF, est destinée aux planificateurs financiers et leur permet d’obtenir des unités de formation continue (UFC). Chaque numéro aborde une étude de cas touchant les différents domaines de la planification financière.

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25 FEATURE ARTICLE While the current amounts may be small change for some people, they will make a big difference for others: they cover almost the entire increase in the cost of a basket of groceries. For 2019, families in Québec will spend $411 more than they did in 2018 for the same purchases. Will the new tax measure help over 570,000 low-income seniors rise out of poverty? In addition to this measure, the ministère des Finances du Québec has also made a commitment to examine other tax assistance measures for seniors to see whether they can be enhanced.

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